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Welcome to K&T PAK

Our company specializes in the production of packages made of 3 or 5 layer cardboard of different basis weight and durability. Each product is designed specifically for each client and made of cardboard from the leading manufacturers. Thus we can guarantee the highest available quality and customer satisfaction. We offer packages with flexographic print and the option of having two prints per package. We have up-to-date, fully automated machinery and we can manage large orders in a short time We are a fast growing company and we treat each and every of our customers with full professionalism and commitment.

Our products

Flap boxes offer optimally matched measurements. They are made of 3 or 5 layer cardboard and guarantee protection of shipped objects during transport.

Die cut packages are packages based on the FEFCO catalogue. A packaging may be folded, sewed or glued. It can also come with handles, openings or perforation.
Our team will select the right type of cardboard according to your needs. These packages are made of cardboard of various weights and types. They may come with prints in several colours.
This is a perfect solution for furniture, electronic appliances and heavy large-surfaced products. We can easily manage any size. Simply let us know your needs, show us your design and we will do everything to ensure that your product is delivered safely and undamaged to your recipient.
Cardboard dividers protect shipped products against damages. They are made of 3 or 5 layer cardboard.

Available options

corrugated board
multi-walled cardboard